Strategic Consulting

We believe that the key ingredients to a great online presence are pretty simple.  Good design and content are the obvious ones, but in our experience the single most important element is a formal web strategy.  We happen to be very good at developing these for clients large and small.

What is a Web Strategy?
Good question!  Even though a lot of experts talk about it, we’re pretty sure most people have never actually seen a web strategy “in the wild” – much like a unicorn or a four leaf clover.  In the simplest construct, a web strategy is a document that outlines the business, audience, and technology goals of an organization as it pertains to its website and related web properties (apps, social media outlets, etc).

A website strategy should ask and answer questions such as:

Why Should We Hire Whiteboard to Develop Our Web Strategy?
Our web strategy process is informed by three things:

  1. 10+ years experience in building, managing, and marketing websites.
  2. Best practices from entrepreneurial business planning.
  3. The structural outline of a 3-year nonprofit strategic plan.

We believe that our strategic consulting services offer outstanding value by engaging team members in a process that helps to make sense of the web and all that is going on in it.  Our experience in business planning and nonprofit strategic plans gives us a framework in which our clients can sustain innovation consistently over time.

Who Have We Helped?
All kinds of clients have called on us to help craft winning web strategies.  Here are a few:

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