Whiteboard Media was founded in 2003 by Jacob and Meghan Smith to help innovative organizations succeed online. With backgrounds in both the business and creative worlds, we set out to provide products that delivered to our clients both peace of mind and a clear return on investment: website strategic planning, website design, eCommerce, web hosting, and ongoing maintenance and support.

From an initial client base of a few colleagues and connections, Whiteboard Media has since worked with hundreds of organizations to successfully plan, tweak, build, and monetize their web presences.

Since 2006, Whiteboard Media has expanded heavily into non-profit consulting and strategic planning, as well as expanding our presence in high-end corporate eCommerce.

Our Process

Our philosophy is grounded on “doing it right.” This means taking the time up front to analyze client goals, capacity, and restrictions before proposing and building solutions. It also means vesting ourselves in the success of the client and aligning the goals of the project with those of the organization.

Through this approach, we’ve gained a reputation for honesty and synergy. Honesty in how we approach client and partner relationships; and synergy in the elegant and informed solutions we propose to everyday business challenges.

Who We Work With

Whiteboard Media has always served a diverse client base, including small businesses, non-profit foundations, arts organizations, and eCommerce storefronts. Some of our recent clients include: