Behind the Scenes

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Jacob Smith

co-owner, senior consultant

Jacob is a co-owner and senior consultant at Whiteboard Media. He comes from a diverse background that uniquely combines the creative and business worlds.

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Meg Smith

co-owner, creative director

Meg is a co-owner, and creative director at Whiteboard Media. Her industry experience spans 8 years and includes website design, digital resource management, marketing, online strategy, SEO/SEM, and training and support.

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Felix Widjaja

senior web designer and manager

Felix is a senior web designer at Whiteboard Media. In his early career, he worked as a cellular telecommunications programmer and system analyst.

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Pupung Budi Purnama

senior wordpress developer

Pupung recently joined Whiteboard Media as a full time developer, specializing in WordPress integrations and functional development.

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Ronggur Hutasuhut

senior wordpress developer

Ronggur has worked closely with Whiteboard Media for over two years as a developer, and is a master at building creative WordPress solutions.

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Kamal Chaneman

front end developer

Kamal joined Whiteboard Media as a front end developer in…

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Emiliano Jankowski

senior developer

Emiliano specializes in developing elegant solutions to complex problems. He…

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Sandy Bennett

billing co-ordinator

Sandy is the billing co-ordinator at Whiteboard Media. She is in charge of managing Ubersmith, our online billing system, and is committed to keeping our invoicing organized.

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Lany Listijo

resource manager

Lany is the resource manager at Whiteboard Media. She is always on the lookout for new talent and is a pro at finding the very best people forboth staff and temporary positions.

megfFind out more about Meg ...

Meg Fentzloff


Meg is a frequent team member at Whiteboard Media and an active freelancer based in Omaha, NE.