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Oxford Study Abroad Programme

Oxford Study Abroad Programme

The old OSAP website wasn’t quite cutting it for them anymore. The CMS it was running off had far too many limitations to be able to accommodate their needs, especially their need for attractive and custom visuals. A WordPress CMS conversion was needed. A bespoke design and development, some creative integration with their online application suite and a new website was born. Old OSAP website   Visit the new Oxford Study Abroad Programme website

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The Merchants Fund

The Merchants Fund


The Merchants Fund has been providing financial assistance to a variety of Merchants in Philadelphia since 1854. Their goal is to boost the local economy by helping businesses make money, save money or change the way a company does business. After several years with a website that was a little on the older side including an inability to easily update content, it was time to refresh. The new website built on WordPress CMS breathes fresh life into the brand and really helps to demonstrate the generous contributions it gives to local businesses throughout the Philadelphia area.

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It was time for a website upgrade for GrantVantage as they looked to really start promoting their grant management software. While their focus was narrow, it was important to offer clarity in their message to make sure that prospects looking for a product like theirs, would fit the needs of their customers. We looked to simplify the navigation, highlighting its features and driving prospect to sign up. We also provided plenty of opportunity throughout the website for visuals which aimed at helping to provide as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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Philadelphia IT Services company Nettology figured it was time for a website update. The look was outdated and the website had a few existing issues really preventing it from performing. The updated website was built on WordPress, is responsive (naturally) and a strong foundation is now set to build upon.

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When Whiteboard Media designed the Philadelphia Cultural Fund website back in 2006, the web was a different place. This legacy site needed a major facelift, and Whiteboard was ready to take on the challenge to bring The Cultural Fund user experience to a new level. The primary goal of the site is to make information readily accessible to applicants, panelists, and visitors. With newly organized content and a fresh, modern design, this goal has definitely been met. Project Scope: Website Redesign, XHTML/CSS development, Non-profit hosting, Ongoing Maintenance

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