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National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

We love working with groups who do good work. Even though they are technically clients, we still like to feel it’s a partnership in support of their cause. For National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, protecting Marine environments is what they do and we certainly agree that it is of great importance so we were excited to tackle this website redesign project. In addition to a re-branding and domain name change, not only was their website design a little outdated but they had more specific needs that not only showcased the work they were doing but the reasons behind it as well Read More

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MIT Sloan Sports Conference

MIT Sloan Sports Conference

The MIT Sports Analytics conference is held annually to discuss the role of big data in sports. Now in its 11th year, previous years they have had trouble managing the website in order to update, inform, share and communication with constituents, members and interested parties. Leveraging WordPress and its ease-of-use, we put together a website that is intuitive for their visitors and easy for them to update and manage throughout the whole conference life cycle. View website

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Hoffman Services Refresh

Hoffman Services Refresh

Long time client Hoffman Services likes lifting big things. Trucks, buses, loaders, trailers are what they do best. They also like to keep up with the latest digital trends and wanted a heavy duty website. We created a spacious layout with generous space for images, galleries and text that aimed at giving users a good idea of what is on offer and what sets them apart from their competitors. They also receive some pretty generous search engine visibility which doesn’t hurt the bottom line;) View the website

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Tabitha USA

Tabitha USA


Tabitha USA supports families in Cambodia by funding communities as they seek a way out of poverty. Through education, training and resources, Tabitha provides a unique support service in an effort to change people’s lives. Tabitha engaged with Dinkum to upgrade the look and impact of their website. Our goal was to provide greater clarity for their message and ease-of-use in accepting donations online which is a critical part of their model. View their current website at www.tabithausa.org    

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Retail Terminals

Retail Terminals

Starting from scratch means a lot of work ahead but it also means we can get creative. First thing is setting the right foundation which means brand new website. We certainly wanted to highlight their main feature which is Clover Terminals and incorporate as many of their add-on offerings. Keep an eye as we look to continue to build on this foundation as they look to build their business. View their current website

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